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Dongguan A Friend Industrial Co,.Ltd 86--13071302099 eva@vofull.com
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We focus on Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers, Active Bookshelf Speaker, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker products and so on

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China Dongguan A Friend Industrial Co,.Ltd

Dongguan A Friend Industrial Co,.Ltd

Welcome to Dongguan A Friend Industrial Co., Ltd, a dedicated and passionate technical team that loves life and focuses on work. Since our establishment, We were always adhered to the principle of "respecting nature and loving people, being a respected technology company" and strives to achieve the dual goals of "good life, good work" for people. We place great importance on the professionalism, responsibility, sincerity, progressiveness, humility, cooperation, and gratitude of our team members. We advocate for adding value to society and bringing benefits to both our customers and employees. As our CEO, Frank, has said, we utilize his electronic technology expertise and the knowledge of all our team members to continuously research, develop, manufacture, and innovate products that bring ...

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